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Dear Madame/Sir, It is my great pleasure to welcome all of you in Milano for the 1st edition of the International Meeting of the Eastern and Western Association on Liver Tumors. An Association and a Meeting which follow the more than 15 years tradition of the Eastern & Western Experiences Meetings on HCC which started in Paris in 1998 and concluded in Tokyo in 2013. They were biennial appointments which trapped the International Scientific Community somewhere in the world for 2-3 days debating on HCC and the therapeutical solutions for its control: Paris, Tokyo, Lodi (Italy), Hong Kong, Houston, Seoul, Paris and Tokyo again, where the places which hosted this successful initiative. Almost each of those events resulted in prestigious monograph, which summarized the highlights of the respective meetings. Then Hepatogastroenterology twice, Liver Transplantation, Annals of Surgical Oncology, Journal of HBP Sciences, and Liver Cancer hosted the highlights of the meetings in Paris, Tokyo, Lodi, Houston, Seoul and Tokyo, respectively. This success, the growing therapeutical offer of medical oncology, interventional radiology, radiotherapy ecc… other than that of both resective and transplant surgery, for HCC but also for other liver tumors have induced the founders of the HCC Eastern & Western meeting to promote some evolution of it consolidating an Association and shifting to Meetings dealing with the whole spectrum of liver tumors. In that, of course, the original aims of representing a moment of debate on practical issues and of comparison of different perspective in looking at the same problem geographically and schematically represented by the East and the West of the world will remain solid bases. The recently indexed journal Liver Cancer will be officially our scientific output maintaining the tradition and effort of having something which will traduce words and thinking occurred in prestigious and dense meetings in written and permanent documents available for the entire scientific community worldwide. A new challenge, which I have the honor together with my team, my Hospital and my newborn University to inaugurate, and which is aimed to be more than before the room where surgeons, interventional radiologists, oncologists, hepatologists, radiotherapists, pathologists, and all the specialists somehow involved in the spectrum of therapeutic offers for patients with primary or metastatic liver tumors will hopefully find answers and updates for their own clinical and research activity. As featured in the previous edition and I may say more than before, a meeting mostly focused on clinical practical issues to address and debate on clues which impact the daily management of these complex patients to relief their sufferance and promote their return to normal life. My warmest welcome to Milano and my best wishes for a profitable, and enjoyable stay with us.

Guido Torzilli, MD, PhD, FACS

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